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Why Home Window Tinting?

We live in a time when money is hard to come by. So, you may ask yourself why home window tinting would be a viable financial choice for you and your family. Home window tinting offers many benefits that will help you save money, decrease the damage of UV rays, increase your level of security, and increase your level of comfort.

Having windows tinted in your home will help you save money on your monthly energy bills. Shaded Glass offers window tints that can block up to 78% of the heat that comes into your home. This is especially helpful if you have windows in your home that face to the south, because the heat from the sun comes in through those windows all day. By blocking more than ¾ of the heat that comes in, the money that you can save on your monthly energy bills is about 30%! Imagine what you could do with that extra cash! The money you save by having windows tinted in your home should be spent on something you want, rather than something you need to fix or replace. Home window tinting offers protection against this as well.

Ultra Violet Rays are not only damaging to skin, but to furniture as well. The UV rays from the sun cause furniture to fade. In many homes, large windows cover the walls. It is difficult to place a couch, piano, or other large piece of furniture somewhere where the sun won’t hit them. Home window tinting is a great way to ensure your belongings last as long as they can without having to be replaced. Every window tint Shaded Glass offers blocks 99.9% of UV rays! This is an amazing way to make sure you are in control of what happens in your home.

Home window tinting is also a great way to add an extra sense of security. Shaded Glass offers window tint that causes a reflection during the day, so neighbors and others walking by cannot see into your home. Another way to help safeguard your family is with security film. This reinforces ordinary glass and makes it stronger so that breaking the glass becomes very difficult. This type of home window tinting is very useful on windows that can’t be seen very well by neighbors or those passing by. Help put your mind at ease and know that your home is safer with home window tinting.

Increasing the level of comfort you feel in your home is another way home window tinting will benefit you. Many times the light that comes in through windows causes a glare. This is especially noticeable on TV screens and makes it difficult to enjoy the shows or movies you are watching. Shaded Glass offers several different window tints that will help reduce the amount of glare that comes into your home.

Home window tinting is the perfect solution for your home. It will help you save money on your energy bills (which will eventually help you pay for the cost of the tint), keep your furniture in top shape by preventing it from fading, add an extra line of defense against home invasion, and help you stay comfortable in your home. With all these benefits, the real question is: Why would you not get home window tinting with Shaded Glass?