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Many of us are aware of the risks ultraviolet rays pose to our bodies and take extreme caution when we are outside. We lather our bodies with sunscreen, wear hats, and sunglasses in order to reduce the amount of UV exposure. Just because you are inside, doesn’t mean you or your furniture is safe from the harmful effects of UV rays.

The purpose of windows is to let in light to our home, business, or car. Because they do their job very well, we often don’t realize that that same sunshine we protect our skin against when we are outside is coming in through our windows unabated. Windows alone do not protect against ultraviolet rays. Just like us, furniture needs sunscreen as well and it comes in the form of window tint.

All of the window tints offered by Shaded Glass block 100% of UV rays! This will not only help lower your chances of getting skin cancer, protect your eyes from damage, and decrease your chances of premature aging, but also protect your furniture as well. UV protection increases the life expectancy of your furniture.

No one likes to invite friends or family over and have their couch or showcase piece of furniture, such as a piano, faded by the sun. UV protection is essential to help safeguard the life of your furniture. Why spend money on replacing belongings when you can prolong their lifespan and use them as long as they were intended to be used?

That same question can be asked about cars. Many of us cannot afford to trade in our car for a newer model every year because the leather or upholstery has faded due to lack of UV protection. For a very affordable price, Shaded Glass can tint your car windows (as well as your home or business) to increase your level of UV protection and add years to the life of the interior of your vehicle. Not only have you enhanced your car, but you have spent less money than you would have replacing it.

In the economy we live, financial decisions should be made based on investment opportunity rather than the need to constantly replace or renew. UV protection offered by Shaded Glass through our window films will decrease your UV exposure; therefore, it is an investment opportunity. Take the first step in UV protection for your family and belongings today by calling Shaded Glass to schedule your free estimate.