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Safety & Security Window Films

Safety & Security Window Films

Protection and Security for Ease of Mind

We specialize in any custom graphics work you need. We have the equipment to get the job done quickly and properly. No waiting on outside vendors and printers to get the job done. We are able to do it all in house to speed up the process and assure the quality you expect.

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Safety & Security Window Films

3M Scotchshield Ultra Safety and Security Window Film Series

3M Scotchshield Ultra Safety and Security film is the best in the industry. The only multi-layer film on the market that resists tears and multiple impacts. This is a true security film that can deter break ins for up to 2 minutes due to it high strength. It will hold broken glass in place with an extra layer of protection.

  • Multiple layer design resists tears
  • Glass retention to prevent shattered glass
  • Protect from blasts, natural disasters, break ins,
  • Allows high visual light transmission
  • Rejects up to 97% of Infrared light
  • Low interior and exterior reflectivity
  • Blocks 99% harmful UV rays
  • Clear or tinted options available
  • Combine with 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems
Ultra Night Vision 25 Ultra Prestige S50 Ultra Prestige S70 Ultra S600 Ultra S800
Visible Light Transmitted 24% 48% 68% 87% 87%
Visible Reflection Exterior 19% 9% 10% 9% 9%
Visible Reflection Interior 7% 7% 9% 9% 9%
UV Rejection 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 60% 56% 50% 21% 21%

Safety & Security Window Films

3M Safety Series

3M Safety Series is a basic clear safety film that will keep glass shard in tact. This is great for one time impact applications where safety of broken glass is a concern such as balls hitting windows, blast windows, or other one time impact events. Great economical option for safety applications.

  • Keeps shattered glass together
  • Upgrade non tempered glass
  • Blocks 99% harmful UV rays
  • Increase anti-spall protection on laminated glass
  • Cost efficient for one time breakage event
  • Combine with 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems
Safety S40 Safety S70 Safety S80 Safety S140
Visible Light Transmitted 87% 87% 87% 85%
Visible Reflection Exterior 8% 9% 9% 10%
Visible Reflection Interior 8% 9% 9% 10%
UV Rejection 99% 99% 99% 99%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 19% 21% 21% 22%

Safety & Security Window Films

3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems

3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems attach the window film to the frame of the glass to hold it in place in the event of glass breakage. Choose from either the 3M Protection Adhesive or the 3M Impact Protection Profile to meet your needs. This system used with security film can stop a broken window from falling or entering a room after being impacted.

  • Adhesive or profile attachment system available
  • Attaches window film to the window frame
  • Creates a shield that stays in the window frame
  • Resistance against forced entry, blasts and natural disasters
  • Can deter a break in for up to 2 minutes with 3M Scotchshield Ultra Film

Why Choose Shaded Glass?

Shaded Glass offer the best window tinting services in Utah and supplies the industry leading 3M Film, which come with it the highest industry standards and the best warranty you will find. When you choose Shaded Glass for your window tinting service, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our projects. We also financing options for large projects, further helping our customers achieve the window efficiency they need in Utah.

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Trusted by Hundreds Across the State

Excellent job by Shaded Glass Window Films. The install crew was professional and through with their job. They cleaned up real good after the job. The price is extremely competitive. Definitely recommend them!

Soma Yarlagadda

Added window tint to our garage windows. Used 3M film, did a very nice job and cut down the heat and UV rays significantly. Thank you!

Mark Nelson

We had 3 bathroom windows that needed privacy film - I received a reasonable quote and install was scheduled quickly. They came out a week earlier because of a cancelation. Ryan was efficient and worked quickly. Our windows look as expected. I would recommend Shaded Glass.

Patricia Hise

We needed UV film with a light tint for a few windows and Shaded Glass did a great job. Their price was about 30% less than another company we got a quote from. They got us on their schedule quickly. On the day of installation he got it done quickly and it looks perfect!

Melody Francis

I enjoyed my experience with Shaded Glass for window tint on my home. They installed tint on the south and east facing windows. They did an excellent job. The windows look great! I immediately noticed a difference in the room temperature where it felt cooler.

Jared Howard

Did a great job! Very pleased! Be aware that you feel like you are wearing sunglasses in you home. Gives me daytime privacy and prevent the glaring sun and fabric/wood/carpet fading!

Jo Rita Nielsen

We contacted Shaded Glass for several projects for our business, they have went above and beyond to accommodate all of our requests and several changes made last minute. Love the new look.

Janeen Olson

We had a store front window that needed the tint replaced. Shaded Glass was quick to make the repair, and their online payment process was simple and convenient. We highly recommend Shaded Glass.

Mikelle LeCheminant

Recently had privacy film added to our windows by Shaded Glass. Getting a quote was a very easy process and completed over the phone. Installer showed up on time and was super friendly and professional. Great service and will definitely recommend.

Anthony Cruz

Excellent experience working with them. They hire people you’re comfortable letting be in your home alone, and that’s exactly what I had to do and that speaks volumes. Windows look great and perform exactly as advertised.

Kevin Phelps

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