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Commercial Window Film

Retail Window Film Improves Comfort at Apple Store

December 15, 2023
Our team was recently called to an Apple Store in Farmington, Utah to help them…
Decorative Film

Decorative Film vs Custom Glass – 5 Great Window Film Benefits

December 14, 2023
Decorative film and decorative glass are popular in both commercial and home settings. The main…
Residential Window Film

Perfect Home Gift? – 3 Reasons to Consider Window Film

November 30, 2023
How is Window Film The Perfect Home Gift? It's officially that time of year again!…
Residential Window Film

Reduce Home Energy Usage With These 4 Easy Tips

November 8, 2023
The news is often filled with reports that home energy prices are expected to rise…
Residential Window Film

Sun Faded Floor Protection Using a Home Window Film Retrofit

October 25, 2023
Furnishing a home can be expensive. Flooring, furniture and furnishings costs can add up quick.…
Residential Window Film

Fall Home Improvement Project? 6 Ways Window Film Is Great!

October 12, 2023
There's no doubt that Summer is now a distant memory. Kids are fully engaged back…
Residential Window Film

House Window Tint – Useful Benefits as well as Pros and Cons

September 28, 2023
When discussing house window tint with homeowners we often get asked many similar questions. As…
Residential Window Film

1 Great Way To Upgrade Home Windows Without Replacement

September 14, 2023
Upgrade Home Windows Without Replacing Them Did you know that Energy.Gov states that 30% of…
Residential Window Film

Why Does Sunlight Fade Things? 1 Way To Preserve Furnishings.

August 31, 2023
Can You Fully Enjoy Your Windows as Preserve Furnishings at the Same Time? Most people…
Residential Window Film

Home Window Films Can Save Money On Cooling Your House

August 17, 2023
Can Home Window Films Help Save You Money On Cooling Your House? Have you noticed…
Commercial Window Film

Commercial Decorative Window Film For Privacy & Branding

August 3, 2023
With so many commercial spaces being re-imagined after the pandemic, many have been considering custom…
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Did You Know Retrofitting Window Film Offers 4 Interesting Benefits?

July 20, 2023
Window films and window tint are an innovative technology that offers benefits many are unaware…
Security Film

Deter Active Shooter Situations With Security Window Film

July 7, 2023
Security window film can help to deter active shooter situations. This is possible because these…
Commercial Window Film

Retail & Office Window Films Offer Many Significant Benefits

May 26, 2023
With retail and office spaces continue being re-imagined, we wanted to share the variety of…

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month – Protect Your Skin!

May 10, 2023
We want to kick off May, Skin Cancer Awareness Month, talking about protecting your skin…
Residential Window Film

2023 Spring Home Improvement? Window Tint Is A Great Choice

May 10, 2023
Thinking about a Spring home improvement project? We wanted to give you some compelling reasons…
Commercial Window Film

Architectural Window Film Profiled by Whole Building Design Guide

May 10, 2023
We came across an extensive article in the Whole Building Design Guide entitled Window Film Fundamentals that discusses architectural…
Security Film

Improve School Security & Student Safety With Window Films

May 10, 2023
With this school year closing in on Spring Break, many districts are looking into facility…
Commercial Window Film

Improve Facility Operations With Commercial Window Films

September 28, 2022
This past year has really changed the way that commercial spaces are being utilized. In…
Residential Window Film

Considering Home Window Replacement? Read This First.

September 22, 2022
Have you been considering a home window replacement? There may be some better ideas that…
Residential Window Film

Home Window Tint Retrofit – Builder Trend Lists The Benefits

September 15, 2022
We recently came across an article on Builder Trend that detailed some common questions and statements about…
Residential Window Film

3 Critical Components Of A Quality Home Window Film Installation

September 8, 2022
Benjamin Franklin once famously said "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness…
Security Film

School Security Vulnerabilities – Window Retrofit Targets Weakness

September 1, 2022
As children across the country begin heading back to school full time, a mainstay of the…
Commercial Window Film

Commercial Window Film Benefits For Property Owners & Facility Managers

August 25, 2022
There are many changes happening in the world of commercial real estate. Spaces are being…
Residential Window Film

Sun Control Window Film Pros & Cons for Homes by Sciencing

August 11, 2022
We came across an article in Sciencing Online Magazine about the pros and cons of a sun…

Energy Efficiency Addressed With Window Film – Experts Weigh In

August 11, 2022
Energy Efficiency Claims and Real Information From The Experts When it comes to commercial buildings,…
Residential Window Film

Home Window Film Offers 6 Benefits You Will Appreciate

July 14, 2022
The benefits of home window film are wide-ranging. Windows open your home to natural lighting,…
Commercial Window Film

Commercial Decorative Glass Films – 7 Reasons They Beat Custom Glass

July 7, 2022
Considering a custom glass or decorative glass option for your commercial space? Whether aiming to…

Window Film Retrofit Upgrades Glass According To Architect Magazine

June 23, 2022
In an article in Architect Magazine entitled "The Effects of Window Films Go Beyond the Surface" by Wanda…
Residential Window Film

Residential Window Films Help Save Money On Summer AC Bills

June 9, 2022
Memorial Day is behind us and the hot days of summer will be here before…

Window Tint & Window Film Benefits and Their Differences

May 26, 2022
Ever had to squint your eyes from bright glare or struggle to maintain a comfortable…
Security Film

Necessary School Safety Measures Detailed by School Construction News

May 17, 2022
As we wrap up the school year across the country, many school look to upgrade…

May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month – How Can Window Film Help?

May 11, 2022
Based on information from The Skin Cancer Foundation, with over 5 million cases diagnosed in the…

Cut Home Energy Bills This Summer. Experts Agree Window Film Helps

May 5, 2022
We have all felt the sting of higher prices lately. Whether at the grocery store,…

Architectural Window Films – 5 Common Misconceptions & The Truth

April 28, 2022
We’re passionate about window films and all of the problems they can solve! That is…

Cost-Effective Energy Savings for Homes & Commercial Spaces

April 21, 2022
Want cost-effective energy savings for your home or commercial space? Consider a professionally installed window…
Residential Window Film

Home Window Film Benefits – 3 Ways They Are Useful As Spring Arrives

April 14, 2022
This is always an exciting time of the year! Spring has officially arrived and Summer…

Modernize Commercial Spaces For Energy Savings During Earth Month

April 7, 2022
April is often referred to as Earth Month with Earth Day officially occurring on April 22nd each…
Residential Window Film

Home Window Tint and Film Benefits Discussed In Million Acres Magazine

March 31, 2022
We wanted to share information from a recent article in Million Acres by Matt Frankel, CFP that discussed the pros and…

Prevent Sun Faded Furnishings & Floors – The Washington Post Tells How

March 17, 2022
In a recent issue of The Washington Post in their Home & Garden area they tackled the…

Decorative Glass Window Film Transforms Commercial Spaces in 3 Ways

March 11, 2022
With COVID fading into the rearview mirror and many people beginning to come back to…

3 Tips To Reduce Utility Bills, Save Energy & Keep Cool This Summer

March 3, 2022
Even though the cooler outside temperatures are doing their best to hang on, the warmer…

Improved Commercial Spaces – 5 Ways Window Films Upgrade Spaces

February 24, 2022
Commercial real estate is in a state of change as we enter a post COVID…

District Administration Notes Window Film For Student and School Security

February 17, 2022
With many schools beginning to relax safety and health procedures as it pertains to COVID,…

Reduce Glare & Harsh Light To Make Your Home More Comfortable

February 10, 2022
Need to Reduce Glare and Harsh Light? Window Film Can Help! Most people think of…

Solar Control Window Films Save Money And Conserve Energy

January 28, 2022
These days, a more energy efficient commercial space helps you go green in two ways:…

Glare Issues & Excessive Heat Ruining The Comfort of Your Home?

January 20, 2022
Over these past couple years many of us have been spending more time in our home.…

Decorative Glass Films Offer 7 Benefits For Homes & Commercial Spaces

January 13, 2022
With commercial office spaces being reimagined as office utilization changes and rooms at home being…

Make Energy Efficient Home & Commercial Spaces A Resolution For 2022

January 6, 2022
With 2022 just underway, why not resolve to have a more comfortable and energy efficient…

Solar Controlling Window Film Pros & Cons Detailed by Architect Magazine

December 17, 2021
Evelyn Royer wrote an article for Architecture Magazine called “The Pros and Cons of Window Films” that we…
Security Film

Security Window Films Protect Your Facility And The Building Occupants

December 10, 2021
We’re passionate about the ways that window films can add value to nearly any space.…
Residential Window Film

The Perfect Home Gift Might Be A Window Film Retrofit To Existing Glass

December 2, 2021
It's that time of year again when many people are scrambling to come up with…

Energy Saving Window Film Advised by American Hotel & Lodging Assoc.

November 19, 2021
The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) published an article that discusses how energy saving window film…
Residential Window Film

Energy Saving Tips For Homeowners by Duke Energy

October 27, 2021
With the cost of utilities rising and expected to go even higher, most of us…
Residential Window Film

Glare Reducing Window Film Really Improves Comfort in Fall and Winter

October 21, 2021
Are you aware of the benefits of glare reducing window film and why it might…
Residential Window Film

Sun Damaged Floors & Furnishings – How To Protect Against Fading

September 9, 2021
Many people have been making investments in their homes in these past months. With the investment in…
Residential Window Film

House Window Tinting Has 7 Noteworthy Benefits You Need To Know

August 19, 2021
We recently came across an article published by Proud Green Home that discussed how house window tinting…
Residential Window Film

Home Improvements – 3 Benefits Found With Residential Window Films

August 12, 2021
As we move through the end of Summer and into Fall, most of us likely…
Security Film

School Security Upgrades Addressed By Campus Security Magazine

July 14, 2021
A recent article in Campus Security Magazine entitled "Now Is the Time to Improve Your Campus Security…

House Window Films Keep Your Home Cool As The Summer Heats Up

July 8, 2021
According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, Summer 2021 is expected to be a hot one. We…

Window Film Energy Saving Benefits Discussed by Department of Energy

June 24, 2021
In an article by the Department of Energy website Energy.Gov entitled Energy Efficient Window Attachments, they discuss the window…

Daylighting Tips and Strategies for Existing Buildings by

June 22, 2021
Saving on energy usage in buildings has become a major focus and will continue to…

Window Film Retrofit Upgrade Enhances Comfort and Helps Save Energy

June 18, 2021
We wanted to summarize some information contained in an article that appeared in Healthcare Facilities Today related…

Four Commercial Window Film Benefits Detailed on

June 8, 2021
With so many people re-imagining commercial spaces post-pandemic, we wanted to share this summary of…

Like Home Improvement Projects? Window Film Offers Great Benefits

April 22, 2021
Do you like home improvement projects? If you answered yes, it may be time to…

Decorative Window Films Can Transform Glass Panels In Many Ways

March 12, 2021
Decorative window films are an easy, cost effective way to add style and functionality to…

School Security Vulnerabilities – Window Retrofit Addresses Weakness

February 26, 2021
As children across the country begin heading back to school full time, a mainstay of the…
Residential Window Film

Decorative Window Film Design Uses Featured In This Old House Magazine

February 11, 2021
We came across an article from This Old House Magazine that was titled "12 Surprising Design Uses…
Residential Window Film

How Residential Window Film Upgrades Your Orem, Utah Home’s Windows

January 22, 2021
Have you ever considered a residential window film for your home? In this article, we…
Commercial Window Film

2021 Construction Trends Facilitated By Commercial Window Films

January 15, 2021
As we head into the new year, we have been looking into various noted 2021…
Commercial Window Film

Upgrade Commercial Buildings in Orem, Utah with Innovative Window Films

November 6, 2020
Window films are a cost-effective, retrofittable solution that upgrade commercial buildings by improving the safety,…
Residential Window Film

How Window Films Can Modernize Commercial Buildings in Orem, Utah

September 18, 2020
Are you interested in way to modernize commercial buildings? We came across an article in Commercial…
Security Film

School Safety for Back to School – Is Your Orem, Utah Area School Safe?

July 10, 2020
With "Back to School" upon us, we wanted to share an article about school safety…
Residential Window Film

Top Benefits of Residential Window Tinting in Salt Lake City, Utah

June 30, 2020
Residential window tinting can be a very cost-effective way to reduce energy, minimize glare, protect…

No Indoor Sunburn Doesn’t Mean Skin Damage Isn’t Occurring

June 12, 2020
Are you aware that your skin is susceptible to UV damage from the sun when…
Residential Window Film

Help Prevent Sun Damaged Furnishings with Home Window Films

March 17, 2020
The sun gives off UV rays that can be rather harmful. Most people use sunblock…
Residential Window Film

Spring in Utah is a Great Time to Consider Home Window Tinting

February 21, 2020
Spring In Orem, Ogden and Salt Lake City Area Is a Great Time To Consider…
Residential Window Film

Three Reasons Home Window Films Are A Great Gift For Your House

December 20, 2019
At this time of the year when we exchange gifts, we wanted to share an…

Decorative Window Film, Best Option for Privacy and Branding

September 19, 2018
Decorative window film allows you unlimited possibilities to customize your work space or business. Here…
Residential Window Film

Home Window Tinting

September 15, 2016
Why Home Window Tinting? We live in a time when money is hard to come…

UV Protection & Exposure

September 15, 2016
Many of us are aware of the risks ultraviolet rays pose to our bodies and…

Energy Savings & Efficiency

September 15, 2016
Money is something we all need, but we never seem to have enough of it.…