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With “Back to School” upon us, we wanted to share an article about school safety and how security window film can be part of an overall solution to keep kids safe. This article was in Business Insider and is titled “Here are the best ways to protect schools, workplaces, and ourselves from active shooters.

The article talks about a variety of ways to increase school safety, and they specifically mention security window film. The article states the following in the section on the use of technology to improve safety: “Protective and intrusion resistant doors and windows creating delays in an aggressor’s ability to gain entry. For pre-existing locations the addition of protective window film, improved locking mechanisms and/or frames as well as other reinforcement techniques can be effective.” The article discusses the use of “security in layers” as a way to improve school safety. It states, “Effective security requires a layered approach incorporating the use of personnel in primary and auxiliary security roles and employing multiple physical and physiological impediments deterring and delaying the entry of unapproved individuals. If deterring or preventing attacks is not achieved the alternate goal is the ability to delay the aggressors long enough to detect and stop them prior to reaching their target. Generally speaking the more effective layers used, the better the result.”

We want to briefly explain what protective security window film is and how it can be used to increase school safety. These films are designed to be used in conjunction with other measures to add am additional layer of security as part of the overall system. Security window films are not designed to be the solitary solution. So, what is it exactly? Security window film is typically a clear layer of polyester film that is applied to a building’s existing windows on the interior surface of the glass. The film comes in a variety of different thicknesses and can be installed in several different ways depending on the level of safety or security required. Once installed, this film will hold the glass fragments of the window together in the event of a break.

As it relates to school safety and security, this film will hold glass fragments together and reduce the potential of injury from broken or flying glass in a natural disaster, an act of terrorism or inadvertent breakage. In addition, and in the way the article was referring to, this film by keeping the glass intact will slow down or impede potential intruders from gaining access to the building and give authorities time to respond. Often, intruders are looking for the fastest and easiest point of access and because doors and gates have been fortified in recent years, the next easier access point would be through a window. That is why safety and security film should be considered as a way to fortify this vulnerability and add a layer of security.

To read the complete article in Business Insider, click HERE We hope this article has helped you better understand how security window film can be used to enhance school safety. Contact your school to find out what technologies they are implementing to keep your children and their students safer. If you, or your school district, have any questions, call us at (801) 810-TINT(8468) or fill out a form at here. We would be happy to arrange a free, no obligation consultation and discuss how you can implement a window film solution in your home.