Enjoy Superior Heat Rejection
  • The single largest cause of fading is the sun’s harmful UV rays. Up to 99% of these harmful rays can be blocked with Shaded Glass window film. Protect your blinds, carpet, and furniture against fading before it's too late.
  • Lower your energy bills and keep your home cool with our Energy Efficient Films. Shaded Glass window film rejects as much as 97% of infrared light, which translates into energy savings up to 30%!


Unique Atmosphere

With Shaded Glass you can allow light to complement or replace artificial light in your building. Benefits of Shaded Glass film include:

  • Reduced costs for cooling and lighting - energy savings up to 30%.
  • Increased productivity and satisfaction among employees working in sunlight versus artificial light.
  • More appealing and comfortable offices and store fronts.


Protect Against Invasion
  • When criminals try to smash glass covered with Shaded Glass Safety and Security Window Film they are often frustrated, because our film holds the glass together. If burglars can’t get through, they may choose to move on to an easier target. Installing Security Film will give you peace of mind, because there is an additional line of defense to your home or business against invasion.
  • Live next to a golf course? Protect your exposed windows and keep stray golf balls from damaging your home and injuring your family.